Spiritual / Angelic Protection

Spiritual protection, Angelic Protection from all Cultures in the world!

Spiritual, mental and psychical protection form negative people, toxic people, places and situations.

Some protection mechanisms that might help and relieve the negativity from toxic people, negative people, places and situations.

Widely believed in spiritualcommunities these are some of the forms of protection you can make use off.


  1. My own first preference is prayer, to pray with intend, and sincerity out of the heart space to God or what ever you might believes in, my guides, angels and ancestors.


  1. Then you can decide but you can make use of course salt or Himalayansalt , or any salt for that matter, and believe and do it with intend you say your blessing or prayer, ( example place four bowls of salt, any, in the 4 corners of your room or the 4 corners of your house.

2.1“Salt’s association with cleanliness, protection, and purity probably comes from the fact that its mundane uses include purifying and preserving food,”  Salt are able to cleanse the energy and with a blessing prayer it can assist in many ways, when the salt become hardened then you can discard the salt and refill the bowls again.

2.2 You can also take   relaxing salt bath that can assist you in protection, cleansing if you example have had a tuff day at work, and dealt with many negative people and situations.

2.3 “Example of a Blessing and Prayer: ‘My home is as pure as it can be. It is clear of all negativity, no negativity will come between these four walls or towards me, and so it is, thank you , thank you, thank you, Amen.

3. Crystals:

NB all of these crystals you are able to carry with you, on you, in your bag in your house, work space, jewelry.

These Crystals will also be able to assist you in cleaning and clearing negative vibes and energy and toxic people, places and situations.


Example you can make use of the following Crystals you can place them on your desk, you can wear them o n yourself, you can wear the in your bag, you can place them in the 4 corners of your room or house.


  • Clear Quartz and its properties:

So if, for example, you use another crystal for protection, clear quartz will enhance the energy and create even more protection into your life, home and yourself . Used on its own, clear quartz cleanses energy, meaning that you can use it to release anything that is no longer serving, Clear , and it helps with emotional stability, and clarity of mind.

  • Black Tourmaline and its properties:


The stone is known to protect people from negative energies, people, places and situations of the unwanted entering your house. It is known to create a psychic shield around you and your house, items fromall the unwanted negative energies, entities, or destructive forces entering your premises.( You can wear it on you, the raw stone, or through jewelry) For many, black tourmaline represents purification and the cleansing, and clearing of the emotional being. In other words, the stone can rid your mind of any negative energies, feelings and thoughts. Againactivating it with your intend positively.

  • Black Obsidian and its properties:

It is a strong protection stone. This stone has powerful properties that will help you against negativity, Toxicity , people, places and situations, even work places .

  • Black Jade and its properties:

Black jade is known as a guardian stone, acting as an protection against negative energies, people and places , situations and example work places.

  • Pyrite and its uses:

Pyrite strengthen your aura and you can use it for protection and grounded.

Next we are going discuss the next following guidelines to protection:  Part Two



Amulets ( Goodluck Charms):

Tibetan tingsha:


Cutting Cords:

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