More About Me

About Me:

My spiritual journey started at the age of four , and then again at the age of 12, I started with my clair abilities – clairaudience, clairsentience, and my dreams made a lot of sense in reality and things started to evolve from there. I am also an intuitive, empathic person, towards the earth, animals, and people.

Over the years these gifts and abilities became much stronger and clearer. I stopped searching for my purpose two years ago. In July 2020 I got a dream to start my full purpose and I have been learning and studying and having more experiences regarding my life purpose.

My gifts are here to share with others and my clients, I need to be a clear translator to everyone, and relay their messages from afar, if a message comes through from a loved one, I need to be open, honest, and authentic with my clients, I make use of the tarot, pendulum, angel oracle cards, numerology and astrology, and mediumship, channeling, dream interpretation.

My head and my heart are a place of worship, gratefulness, kindness, care, and understanding.

I can assist you in your love life, career, soulmates, twin flame, dream interpretation, general questions,

I am here to assist, to help, to guide you to your higher self, and life path, soul path.

I am an honest and compassionate person, people are my passion, and pets and animals.

Lots of Love and Light Chantel.