How to become a Tarot Reader?

How to become a Tarot Reader in 2023

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How to become a Tarot Reader in 2023.

Want to start your Tarot Reading Journey? But not sure where to start? Follow this very easy beginner guide!

As with any job or hobby you learn by doing it. This is just a quick summary of how to become a tarot reader in 2023, your first step would be to buy a beginner tarot deck 

Beginner Centennial Deck with 100 Page Guide Book

Once you have your Tarot deck start by familiarizing yourself with each card and its meaning. Once you have a basic understanding of each card in your deck try this easy trips!

Shuffle your cards then pull a random card from the deck, look at the card and say the card name and meaning out loud verbally. Place the card back and reshuffle, repeat this process until you feel confident with each card.

Next step is to start testing what you’ve learned; I found it a little difficult to do test readings on myself, so I highly recommend asking a friend or family member to help you with this step. Start off by practicing with general readings on your friend / family member. You’ll make mistakes but remember your ability will grow quickly the more you practice. 

Once you reached full confidence in talking and knowing each of your cards you start feeling the cards beginning to guide you. Remember we all made of energy and this might sound strange hearing this  but with time and practice you’ll start feeling the cards tapping into your clients energy and revealing messages.

This is just a quick summary of how you can start off your physic journey through tarot. I would also suggest you get yourself a mentor in the field who you can learn off of. You welcome to come visit me on my youtube channel Tarotdreams88 or any of my Social medias.

Here you’ll find more in-depth tips to become a outstanding tarot reader! (Link)

Have a blessed day!

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